Healthcare professionals play a crucial role in the prevention, identification, and management of FASDs. CDC’s PICs and Partners is a collaborative of national partners, medical societies, university centers, and a variety of practitioners from six health disciplines who work together to prevent FASDs and risky drinking. The goal of the PICs and Partners is to impact healthcare practice at the systems level and enhance FASD prevention opportunities nationally for women of childbearing age and their support networks.

Main Goal

The overall goal of the Medical Assistant Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Practice and Implementation Center (Medical Assistant FASD PIC) is to introduce, improve, and sustain the knowledge and practice behaviors of medical assistants (MAs), particularly MAs certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants, in preventing and intervening with risky and hazardous alcohol use which are supported by the adoption of evidence-based interventions in clinical practices. Specifically, this project is focused on reducing and ultimately preventing alcohol-exposed pregnancies by way of utilizing medical and allied health professionals working on interprofessional health care teams who have access to patients who are pregnant or are of reproductive age.

Here is more information about the partnership between the Medical Assistant FASD PIC and the AAMA.